Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session

Course Goals

■Gain theoretical knowledge and practical skill in analyzing, evaluating, and capturing photographic images.

■Develop an awareness of individual style and explore creative potential through the practice of mixed artistic forms.

■Obtain insight into compositional elements and narrative structures that lead to engagement and transformation of viewer perspectives.

■Examine the artistic work of preeminent photographers.

■Engage in discussions with a spirit of openness and collaboration.

■Contribute new ideas to the classroom. Explore perspectives. Competently field questions. Reflect on what is learned and think of ways to make improvements.

Instructor Expectations

Learn and have fun! Respect varying points of view. Be present for class. Arrive prepared with finished work and all appropriate materials. Embrace academic integrity. Take responsibility for your own learning.


Student-Teacher Tutorials are designed to strengthen the understanding of the creative process, while assignments stress photographic aesthetics and formal concerns.


Assignments                             65%

Quizzes                                       15%

Final Paper                                 10%

Participation                                5%

(In-class contribution and interaction with other students and the instructor. Asking questions, offering answers, sharing opinions and ideas are all ways of demonstrating participation.)

Attendance                                   5%

(Punctuality counts. Attendance is taken sharp at the start of class.)

*Assignments turned in late will receive one letter grade lower per day.

**Independent reading and media viewing are vital components of the course and to be completed outside of class.

***Drinks are permitted in the classroom. Students are expected to pick up after themselves.

****Plagiarism, cell phone use, text messaging during class…hmm.


Week            Topics                                                                                                         Key Dates

1                     Course Introduction

                        The Physics of Capturing Light

2                     Visual Voice

                        Historical Overview

3                     Digital Capturing Processes

                        Optics and Equipment

4                     Photographic Survey—Analysis and Appraisal                      Quiz 1

                        Student Seminar

5                     Camera Essentials

                        Choosing a Subject

6                     Composition and Aesthetics I

                        Composition and Aesthetics II

7                     Lighting I

                        Lighting II

8                     Color Correction and Retouching I                                             Quiz 2

                        Color Correction and Retouching II

9                     Student-Teacher Tutorials

                        Student-Teacher Tutorials

10                  Digital Printing

                        Digital Distribution

11                  Data Wrangling Workflows


12                  Portraiture                                                                                                 Quiz 3


13                  Visualizing Identity

                        Modern Photography and Popular Culture

14                  Photographic Survey—Analysis and Appraisal

                        Student Seminar

15                  Break


16                   Student Selected Topic(s)

                        Course Review

18                  Exams Week                                                                                             Final Paper Due